About Yarn Flight

About the Site

The goal of Yarn Flight is to help visitors achieve creativity, relaxation and style through crochet.  Here you will find patterns (free and paid), stories, crochet book and yarn reviews and crochet tips. A new article is posted every Wednesday and a new pattern at least once a month.
If you have a question about crochet, please ask. I’ll do my best to find the answer! You can use the contact form below or find me on Twitter (I check Twitter at least once a day.)
This site is ad and affiliate link free and I’m determined to keep it that way.
In the near future, I hope to provide some crochet related merchandise via a print on demand site.  Partly because I can never find enough tote bags to keep all my ongoing crochet projects in.

About Me

My name is Allison, Al for short, and I’ve been crocheting for as long as I can remember. Crochet gives me an outlet to express myself and relaxes and grounds me in times of stress. I hope to share the benefits of crochet with others and meet like minded people in the crochet community.

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About the Patterns

Just a few notes that apply to all my patterns:

“American” terms are used throughout. (That means Slip Stitches and Half-Double Crochet stitches for those, like me, who keep forgetting the difference.)
These patterns are copyrighted, so please don’t pass them around, but you can sell any crochet you make using these patterns for charity or personal profit.
I do my best to avoid mistakes in the patterns, but accidents happen.  If you do catch an error, or if something just isn’t clear enough, please let me know via the comment form below.

Privacy Policy

I promise I won’t  give away or sell any personal information gathered on this website.

Terms of Service

All patterns are sold via Ravelry. You can find their terms of service here.

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