Crochet Tip — Extra Chains

Just sharing a quick crochet tip, today.

If you’ve been crocheting for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably had this happen — a starting chain that’s the wrong length.

Undoing a chain is super simple. Just gently undo the slip knot and unravel the chains with your fingers or a crochet hook, then pull the yarn end tight so it doesn’t unravel. Next, cut the yarn end off, leaving enough to weave in once you’re finished. (See pictures for more details.)

Loose Slip Knot
Gently undo the slip knot.
Loose Chain
Gently pull out the bottom loop of the chain.
Tightened Chain
When finished undoing the chains, pull the yarn end tight to keep more stitches from unravelling

Over to You

Got any problems or annoyances with crochet? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can find a solution.

Crochet Tip Yarn

The yarn pictured in today’s photos is Bernat Softee Baby in Prince Pebbles. It’s a nice yarn to work with, although the colour pattern is a bit long for an argyle scarf. It would make a great argyle baby blanket if you repeated the pattern a few times.

Off Topic Corner

Art Journal
Art Journal. I haven’t decorated the colour yet.

I’ve been looking into art journaling recently as a way to play with techniques and media without committing to a large picture. I didn’t have a small sketchbook available and I didn’t want to buy one when I’m not sure how much I’ll use one. That was a bit of a dilemma, but then I remembered seeing DIY notebooks on YouTube.

Sure enough, I found Sea Lemon’s YouTube channel had lots of advice on how to make notebooks and sketchbooks using coptic bookbinding and other styles. I didn’t have all the proper tools and materials, but 10 sheets of cheap watercolour paper,

Art Journal Stitching
The visible stitching is cool, but I think I made a mistake with the front cover.

some size 10 crochet cotton and comic book backing boards worked pretty well.

For tools, I used the barrel of a marker for a bone fold and a tack for an awl. I wasn’t happy with the rough edges of the cover, so I used some washi tape to cover the edges. Wish I thought of that before I did the stitching. Over all I think it turned out pretty well for a first try.

Open art Journal
Coptic bound books open flat at any page. Not all pages have the stitching showing.
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