Did You Know: There’s No Crochet Machine

Yep, that’s right. Unlike knitting, which has a long history of being made by machine, no one has ever invented a machine that can crochet.

Every crocheted item you’ve ever seen is handmade. Think about that for a minute. Those doilies you can get at the craft store and those hats with the little crocheted flowers you sometimes see at the dollar stores. All handmade. Now think about the price. Remember that the store takes a cut, so does the distributor, and probably a lot of other people along the way. What’s left for the actual craftswoman (or man)? Not very much, that’s for sure.

Fair Trade Crochet

calypso shawl
Calypso Shawl WIP

You can buy crochet at fair prices. Websites like etsy.com allow crafters of all sorts, from all over the world, to sell their work at fair prices. It may cost a little, or a lot more, but  the money is going to the person that did most of the work.

I didn’t mean to make this post into a public service announcement (or an ad for Etsy). However,  in my opinion, people should be aware that these beautiful pieces are all made by hand and appreciate the work that goes into them.

About Today’s Photo

The picture today is of the Calypso shawl that I started a while back. The bit I have done doesn’t do this beautiful pattern justice. It’s designed by Jasmin Örnos and it’s free (!) at ravelry.com. If you crochet, be sure to check it out. (If you crochet or knit, Ravelry is an amazing resource that has patterns, forums and yarn databases that come in really handy. Well worth the free sign up.)


Note: From now on, post will come out on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays and at 2pm instead of 12pm. I’m not a Monday person or a morning person, so this will make things more consistent.

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