Can Crochet Help Combat Gloominess?

Note: I actually wrote this yesterday.  The sun is out today, at last, and I’m feeling much better.

This is a hard post to write. Not so much because of the subject matter, but because of how I’m feeling. It’s been raining non-stop for what feels like a month. I know there’s been some sunny days in that time, but they’re few and far between. Normally, I enjoy the rain, but now it’s getting me pretty down. Family tragedies aren’t helping, either.

I’ve discussed mental health and crochet in an earlier post (Crochet: Emergency Relaxation), however, this kind of gloominess is a bit different. I’m no more stressed than usual, just down, and it’s too soon to call it depression.  It’s starting to wear me out, though.

So what can crochet do to help?

One of the simple projects I’m working on. An argyle scarf.

It certainly hasn’t lifted me out of this gloominess, yet, but it is helping some. The projects I’m working right now don’t require a lot of concentration. (Which is good, because I don’t have much at the moment.) They work up pretty quick, too, so it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something and that helps more than anything else. It doesn’t hurt that I’m using golden yellow yarn for one project. It’s not sunlight, but makes things feel a bit brighter.

So, I guess my advice for anyone else feeling this way is to find some nice, bright yarn and make something simple with it. Choose a project that’s small. Feeling that you’re accomplishing something in spite of your mood, no matter how small, may be the best cure for gloominess there is.

Coincidentally, Tea with Shira is all about crochet (and knitting) and mindfulness this week. I really recommend checking it out. It’s got some great advice about how to use crochet or knitting to relax.


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