Crochet : Emergency Relaxation

Crochet can be a real lifesaver when you’ve got an anxiety disorder. There’s something about the rhythm of it, and the feel of the soft yarn sliding through your fingers. With simple patterns, you can let your mind wander, and with complicated ones, you can keep your mind off other problems.

I’ve had an anxiety disorder most of my life. Needlecraft in general, and crochet in particular, is a retreat for me. I can work on simple patterns even through a headache. I feel grounded when I’m crocheting, connected to all the needlecrafters that came beforeKnots Happen me. Crochet is a relatively new craft, but it’s roots run deep.

Even untangling a knot in the yarn can be relaxing sometimes. It requires all of my focus and that often a good thing.

Tips to Make Crochet More Relaxing

Never pass the skein or your work through a loop in a knot. Most knots are really tangles. The best way to undo them is to gently tug them apart and look for loops caught on other loops. There may be two or three, but when you lift them off the tangle will fall apart. If you pass the work or skein through a loop, however, you really will have a knot on your hands.

Don’t set a tight deadline for your crochet projects. It may seem like a great motivator, but it’s usually just frustrating.  It can even be physically painful if you need to pull an all-nighter to get a piece done on time. Always give yourself plenty of time to finish the project. Even if that means starting a Christmas sweater in May.

Music makes crocheting even better. Whether it’s pop, classical or even heavy metal, having music playing while you work is soothing and helps you get your hooking into a comfortable rhythm, so get your favourite playlist up and running.

Over to you guys! Got any tips about making crochet projects more relaxing? Share them below.





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