Welcome to Yarn Flight


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Welcome to Yarn Flight

Hi there! Welcome to Yarn Flight. I’m Allison, Al for short, and I’ve got big plans for this site.
I love crochet and I’ve been a crocheter most of my life. With this blog, I hope to share that love and meet other people that feel the same way. Every Wednesday I’ll have a new blog post or pattern up. On occasion, such as this week and next week (just to get the ball rolling), I’ll have both.
Crochet is a great outlet for creativity. The wonderful thing about yarn and needlecraft is the ability to make something customized just for you. There’s such a great variety of yarns out there these days. It’s no longer hard to find just the right colour and texture.
Just as importantly, crochet is a great way to relax and take time for yourself. Everything goes so fast these days, it’s a relief to just slow down and focus on something other than a screen. (Of course, it’s also a great thing to do while watching TV, especially during commercials.) Even when you’re making a gift for someone else, you get in some valuable “me time”. It’s win-win.


Entrelac Scarf
Mixed stitch Entrelac Scarf

Getting high quality fashion at a reasonable price is nothing to shake your head at, either. I have a classic sense of style and love playing with new and innovative techniques. If you feel the same, I hope you’ll check out my pattern section. There’s not much available yet, but the collection will grow. Sadly, I can’t make everything available for free. (A girl’s got to earn yarn money, somehow.)
Besides patterns, you’ll also find blog posts on all sorts of crochet related topics, such as tips, stories and reviews.
I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Off Topic Corner:

I’ve got a lot of interests outside of crochet, and sometimes I like to chat about them. Don’t worry, though. This section, when it appears, will just be an aside to a crochet post and you can totally skip over it. I won’t mind.

Over to you: What are you looking for in a crochet blog?

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